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Today's Card ...   Len Dawson --- 1968

30-February 1, 2015   

In 1968 cardboard, Kansas City's Len
Dawson is handing off to us with steely eyes
and a determined look. The quarterback
would lead the Chiefs to a 23-7 upset
victory over the Minnesota Vikings in Super
Bowl IV. The signal caller would complete
12 of 17 passes for 142 yards and a
touchdown in garnering MVP honors for the

Dawson would handle snaps during 19
seasons for Kansas City compiling an
impressive 82.56 rating over his career.
With six AFL All-Star Game appearances to
his credit, Dawson was one of the first stars
of the upstart league in the 1960's.

A Hall of Famer, here is a link to his Hall of
Fame page:

Football Hall of Fame link to Len Dawson Bio

Have a great Super Bowl Weekend!