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         Juan Marichal --- 1971

One of our favorites from the first year at
Cardboard Gods...

Some fans will remember Juan’s 243
career wins during his Hall of Fame
career. Some fans will remember Juan
chasing Dodger catcher Johnny Roseboro
with a bat in a Hall of Shame moment. But
all fans will remember Juan’s high leg kick,
that none of us kids could duplicate,
though God knows we tried.

Juan would kick his leg so high that his
foot would disappear into the fog that
frequented Candlestick Park.  
Occasionally his leg kick brought rain.
Watching his delivery made grown men
wince in phantom groin pain.   

However, none of us will ever remember
Juan being in a perfect fielding position at
the end of his delivery, like in this 1971
card.  Look at him. Glove up, in a
balanced position saying, “Hit the ball to

In an amazing twist of irony, the
“Dominican Dandy” closed out his 16-year
career in 1975 with two outings as a Los
Angeles Dodger. This in itself had to make
Giants fans again wince in phantom groin
pain… that is until they saw his 13.50 ERA.

Rounding third and heading for home...